Retired NBA Player Makes Surprise Appearance At Trump-Kim Conference & Wears Crypto Shirt

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Retired NBA Player

Retired NBA player Dennis Rodman showed up in Singapore to support and witness the extraordinary one-on-one nuclear meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with the potentiality of considering “denuclearization.”

Rodman is said to be friends with both Trump and Kim. Despite not having received an invitation, he was more than willing to offer his assistance when needed.

Back in 2013, Rodman received international attention when he befriended Kim Jong Un, a basketball enthusiast.  Since then, Rodman has visited North Korea several times.

Rodman is known for his unconventional, unusual outfits, nose ring, and dyed hair. In an interview with CNN, Rodman was wearing a shirt with the print,  a marijuana-related crypto company, the phrase ‘peace starts in Singapore,’ and a red “Make America Great Again” cap.

PotCoin is a cryptocurrency situated in Canada and claims to be the last medium of exchange in the legal marijuana trade. PotCoin further claims to be the first digital currency set up to aid transactions within the commerce of legalized cannabis.

Rodman, via Twitter, thanked PotCoin for sponsoring his trip to Singapore. Back in 2017, Potcoin paid for his trip to North Korea. He and his associates wore PotCoin shirts and caps which catapulted PotCoin’s sales.

In an interview with CNN, Rodman was emotional. He said he was happy. As he remembered the intimidation he received when he visited North Korea in 2013, he did not hold back his tears.

He recalled his ordeal of alleged death threats that kept him from going home hiding out for 30 days, yet he said he believes in North Korea and what it can offer to the world.

Although the outcome of this summit is unclear, still it’s a big gesture for a cryptocurrency company to aid an advocate like Rodman who is hoping for an incredible success that will benefit the world.

Shawn Perez, the spokesperson of Potcoin, expressed to The Washington Post, that Dennis Rodman deserves the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with President Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un.


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