Keeping Personal Data Safe From Doxxing Prevents Identity Theft

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Prevents Identity Theft

Being mindful of using your personal data when you go online can save you a fortune.

If almost every day you receive emails telling you of winning millions in a lottery even if you have not placed a bet, think twice. Most of these emails also state that you are the beneficiary of a fund worth millions and you need to provide additional information in order to claim it. Funny isn’t it but annoying as well.

You might not be aware that your personal data is scattered in every corner of the internet aside from public records. A large number of people know all that especially when they look at your profiles in the social media.

Doxxing and Personal Data as a Jigsaw Puzzle

Every information that you give out whether on the internet or public can be compared to a jigsaw piece. A dedicated hacker can collect all of those pieces and put them all together just like a jigsaw puzzle. Your identity can be robbed or used against you. This kind of disclosure is known as “doxxing.” The concept came from the accumulation of documents or “docs” on an individual.

Based on the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse data, almost 2 billion records throughout the state were brandished because of breaching.  In lieu of the event, consumer experts will visit the Evergreen State to assist residents in protecting their coherence.

AARP Washington personnel Doug Shadel said, “We say that we’re living in this ‘post- prevention world,’ and what I mean by that is that pretty much everyone’s information has been compromised already. That’s the bad news. The good news is there’s something you can do, steps you can take to prevent that theft of your personal information from being converted into identity fraud.”

Personal data should be kept confidential and not given out without any consent of the owner. That’s what happens when people log in and use the Decenternet platform. It is more than a network and internet because it observes the principles of net neutrality.

The system that Decenternet uses is established to secure and protect one’s identity. It does not report to anyone and doesn’t use system resources to surveil consumers.

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