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Internet Service Providers

Promises are made to be broken.

Most US states are not so lucky that their proposed net neutrality did not pass or are still pending. Washington State’s net neutrality law came into effect the same day as the repeal. Internet service providers are already jumping for joy because they are now free from the chains of the Obama-era administration open internet regulations. They now have the authority to block, throttle, and prefer contents they would like to accommodate.

It has been a painstaking effort for both net neutrality advocates against internet service providers and their lobbyists. Most people would like the open internet and free speech restored. However, some would like it eliminated to generate more profit.

We all know that given this new authority, internet service providers will have now the opportunity could not put a blockade and intercept internet traffic. This is especially when they do not favor the content. They could also slow down the connection and impose higher fees from their subscribers.

Just like tech specialists, consumer policy proponents believe that changes would not happen right away but could be in a few months. Internet service providers probably will dodge any extensive transitions to prove to the legislators that the net neutrality repeal is no such big deal.

So, what do these internet service providers really have to say?

Comcast has united with other companies last year pledging not to block or delay internet connections and reiterate their commitment to the open internet. This was supported in December where Comcast Senior Vice President David L.
Cohen requested for a legislative solution to ascertain that American people can access the internet. It could be found in the article he wrote titled, “It’s Time For
Congress to Act and Permanently Preserve the Open Internet.”

AT&T again promises not ever to block or do censorship with the websites. It also calls for an “Internet Bill of Rights” that Congress needs to establish. AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson stipulated that they would synergize with the Congress to protect the open internet and boost future innovation.

Verizon appears okay with the rollback of the net neutrality protections. The company seems to favor the government reinforcing new but dubious rules. According to Senior Vice President Will Johnson, open internet protections should be written in ink instead of pencil.

The FCC pledged itself, and that is to exercise its power to void state laws. For now, it has not taken steps yet, but as soon as it does, state lawsuits are sure to follow. The Washington State has implemented its own net neutrality law and started the same day as the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom. Vermont will enforce theirs on July 1 while Oregon needs to wait until the first day of January of next year.

Decenternet network will not make any promises it cannot keep. Unlike internet service providers, it will provide consumers the freedom to communicate online freely. There will definitely be no blocking and throttling of contents and internet connection. Net neutrality is restored in the platform.


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