Decentralized Internet Framework Soon to Hit the Cryptocurrency World

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Internet Framework

Are you ready for a decentralized internet framework?


Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, you name it, cryptocurrency has it. Several decentralized platforms together with their currencies are circulating in the market promoting their significance and how much are their value. No wonder a lot of people are investing in cryptocurrency because of its high rate in the market. Decenternet will soon become a key player in the world of cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency Definition and Short History


A cryptocurrency is a form of digital or virtual currency that uses encryption for security purposes. Two essential keys (public and private) are needed to send and receive cryptocurrencies between individuals. Users must arrive at an agreement regarding the value to cryptocurrency and utilize it as an exchange medium.


If we are going to base the history of cryptocurrency on its technical foundation, we can say that it dated back to the early 1980’s. American cryptographer David Chaum developed a “blinding” algorithm that continues central to the present-day web-based encryption. Cryptocurrencies started to circulate but did not become successful due to many factors such as fraud.


Jumping to the 21st century, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in 2008 that gave rise to the development of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has long been considered as the first modern cryptocurrency.


What is Decenternet?


Many platforms and cryptocurrencies are expected to be born as time goes by. Decenternet or Dnet for short is an upcoming peer-to-peer decentralized internet infrastructure operating at a super speed rate. It means that it is not associated with or account for any third-party consortium excluding its users.


The Spice of Decenternet


Spice is the gist of Decenternet and can be obtained by way of domestic mining. It is its appreciating currency which can be exchanged with other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. Spice can be used to buy goods, apps, hosting services or manage micropayments.


The Blockchain Technology of Decenternet


Decenternet makes use of Anubis as its fundamental default blockchain operating system which is free of charge. It is a Linux-based OS armed with a spontaneous user-friendly User Interface (UI).


Decenternet has more to offer and will go further the limitations of blockchain technology and internet foundation while keeping net neutrality in mind.  


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