Comic Book ‘Shonen Crypto’ Aims To Raise Crypto Consciousness

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Shonen Crypto

Comic book Manga released its first issue of crypto comic book series named Shonen Crypto which aims to be both enlightening and entertaining as it focuses on diversified aspects of cryptocurrencies.

Founder Editor-in-Chief Taro said to, Shonen Crypto is planned to be published every once or three months and, according to him, will be the first-ever comic book series that’s centered mainly on cryptocurrencies.

Presently, the series is only accessible online, but, Taro believes strongly it time will come that it will be available as published comic books available to read in cafes or many crypto events.

The plan to reach much of the world started from translating from Japanese to English and has now extended its strategies to produce music and audio videos about crypto.

The humble beginnings came from Taro’s desire for everyone to understand cryptocurrencies and its possibilities, to squabble the controversy of negative news against crypto scams and doubts.

He started with just ten people working on this project that has doubled in size performing different but distinct tasks like creating images, collecting information, creating songs and videos.

Taro shared the first issue has six components:

  • First components – Crypto Heroes. Bitcoin Senpai, a hero that leads a group of crypto personalities to battle fiat characters, namely USD, JPY, and EUR.
  • Second Part – This section presents what transpires with the character named Crypto-Kun in the Bitcoin planet (business).
  • Third Part – This is the first appearance of masternodes, that involves the life process of masternodes and financial advice.
  • Fourth Part – A comedy manga that characterizes a schoolgirl named Karen who learns about Bitcoin with Hakase, a Japanese word pertaining to an academic expertise, teaching Karen how to use crypto but ends up regularly makes blunders diminishing his funds.
  • Fifth Part – A story about two girls learning about BTCFX.
  • Sixth Part – Is about Dapps and how the applications work on smartphones.

Furthermore, adding humor and entertainment to learning how cryptocurrencies work is a brilliant move to promote awareness of the ever-changing possibility of the world we live in.

Tired of the normal adverse and gloomy news? What do you think? Are you ready to be entertained?

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