Binge Watching Becomes An Expensive Hobby For Everyone

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Binge Watching

If you still want to enjoy watching your favorite drama series, you need to have deep pockets.

For most of us who are not in the mood to do anything at the moment, we do binge watching. Just sit on the couch or lie in bed while munching on your favorite stuff will do perfectly. But that was before when net neutrality protections are still around.

We need to face that the open internet rules have already expired earlier this month. ISPs have now the power to decide whether to increase or slow down anyone’s connection that will surely affect binge watching. They are also equipped with the authority to decide who the winners and losers will be online. That is because the FCC does not need net neutrality protections anymore.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College Professor Stanton Greenawalt said, “Regardless of who’s putting information out there, provides an equal opportunity for that information to be displayed. So the same speed, same quality is provided to anyone who’s using the internet.”

ISPs can establish agreements with specific websites to make them faster than others which is a clear case of paid prioritization. Take this, for example, you will get better access using the Amazon one. However, the case is different with Netflix which takes time to upload longer. This set up will greatly impact those who love binge watching drama series or movies.

HTC and Spectrum representatives say that they have no intentions of changing the internet speeds. AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast said the same thing. Greenawalt is not convinced since there are about 11 internet providers in South Carolina.

Since net neutrality has been repealed, the access to the Internet will now be limited compared to how we used it before. It is completely different from how we use it today and the following days to come. Maybe at the moment, we still don’t feel it, but gradually it will make its presence felt. We will be caught off guard and realized that our connection has slowed down or we can no longer access the websites that we can access before.

If you are an avid Facebook user, better be ready to shell out some extra bucks. Besides, you could be wedged in the slow lane. If Comcast, which owns a part of Hulu, is your area’s ISP, then it’s more than possible that it will support its own content instead of competitors.

Worse is, if you have a business and need to reach a lot of old and new customers. If these ISPs start charging websites additional fees for faster loading and you don’t have the means to pay extra costs, you have no choice but pray that old and prospective customers would be patient enough for the site to load.

At the Decenternet network, you do not have to worry about the slow connection because it treats all internet traffic equally. It does not favor one content over the other. Internet users do not have to pay extra fees for using the network. In fact, they are the ones being paid for using the service through the Spyce mining activity.

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