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Cloud Mining

What if there was a Smart Cloud Mining contract that switches to a more profitable coin when things don’t go your way?

A person can understand that cloud mining can be very profitable if you have a long-term perspective of what the technology is capable of. People who have a longer-term perspective and got in early may know by now that it can even provide you with a steady source of income for the rest of your life. How much money you make on a daily basis is not very important compared to when you cash in into real fiat money.

You could realize that this article will provide you with the information you need to triple your profits because we all know that in this day and age, the speed and quality of information are worth gold.

Here are some of the major risks involved with Cloud Mining Contracts:*

  • Difficulty Hikes
  • Halving
  • Bearish Price Action of a targeted mined coin.*
  • Expensive Mining Contracts

What if there was a Smart Cloud Mining contract that switches to a more profitable coin when things don’t go your way? How wonderful would it be if there was a direct partner of a major multi-algorithm miner producer who is selling cheaper and longer-term contracts compared to the ones you currently own?

The following youtuber explains very well how all of the risks above can be hedged with MAC Contracts.



What does Multiple-Algorithm Cloud Mining mean?

Having a Multiple-Algorithm Cloud(MAC) Mining hardware enables the mining company to freely choose the most profitable coin regardless of difficulty hikes, bearish price action, POS threats which means they are more versetile compared the traditional miners produced by antminer company. This is why www.fortunemines.com is not your typical cloud mining company. You may notice that:

  • Unlike other popular mining websites, Fortune Mines is the only company that offers MAC contracts.
  • In addition, they offer anonymous contracts that are typically 20% cheaper than those offered by genesis-mining.
  • On top of that, they sell 4 year contracts or open-ended contracts that are at least two times more valuable specially when we are expecting crypto currency mass adoption by 2019 to 2020.
  • They are direct partners with baikal miner producer company.

A traditional mining contract that would mine DASH would be able to only mine DASH which uses the X11algorithm. For MAC contracts, X11 is just one of the numerous algorithms that can mine other coins with that use not only X11 but also, X13, X14 X15, QUARK, QUBIT algorithms with are dormant beasts that didn’t even express their full potential. Now, this is what makes Fortune Mines better because on Fortune Mines platform, you just don’t get access to X11 but you will get access to X13, X14, Qubit, and Quark algorithms on one single contract.

NOT ONLY THAT! If you check the popular cloud mining companies like Genesis Mining, they offer 2-year contracts only for their mining contracts and mind you that those contracts are just the regular ones. In Fortune Mines, they provide a 4-year contract for multiple-algorithm contracts.

As soon as you realize that MAC Mining is a no-brainer, you can head over to www.fortunemines.com for more.

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