Internet Resists FCC Chair’s Attempt To Eradicate Net Neutrality Rules

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Net Neutrality Rules

Are you ready for net neutrality rules?

Just as when FCC is trying to eliminate net neutrality, the Internet is getting stronger and makes a stand against it.

The agency’s decision to reverse net neutrality is yet to come in April, but Washington state made itself the first state to execute its own formidable law. It will establish an open internet undeterred by the aggression of telecom alliance group prepared with deceiving issues.

Net neutrality advocates have a better chance of getting victorious on the court because of the many factors proving that Chair Ajit Pai disregard the concerns of tech experts including millions of people who are using the internet. His agency was unmasked overlooking significant problems of fraudulence about its public comment procedure, in spite the fact that 98% of the exceptional comments complied contradicted his plans.

However, colossal and wealthy ISPs can afford to pay extravagant lawyers. This may make litigation a bit longer. For the time being, internet users and small entrepreneurs alike would experience bullying of ISPs for at least two months.

An internet without rules to protect net neutrality will give ISPs the authority to conclude your online activities. These include where to get your news, how will you listen to music, stream videos or which apps to use. Additionally, nothing will hinder them from employing censorship, intercepting online services, or levying extra costs for users to access other sites not affiliated with the broadband servers.

Who would want this kind of internet? Certainly, no one. What we look for in internet is the power that capacitates and supports free speech. Without net neutrality, it won’t happen since it is the guiding principle that preserves our right to communicate online without the control of ISPs.

Just recently, US Sen. John Kennedy proposed legislation that would prohibit ISPs from blocking and throttling contents and applications of other websites. House Rep. Marsha Blackburn formerly instituted the Open Internet Preservation Act while Kennedy filed the Senate edition.

Net neutrality advocate Demand Progress asked Kennedy to abandon the bill.They said that the legislation would become catastrophic for net neutrality. It also gives huge broadband providers the opportunity to establish both fast and slow lanes that could devastate revolution and suppress free expression.

Tech companies like Etsy and Automatic also make their move to protect net neutrality by taking FCC to court. They dispute the deficiency of the agency’s sense of reasoning for abolishing the rules. Advocates argue that the rules are crucial to counteract Internet providers from supervising communication sites or discerning against rivals like Netflix.

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