Many people wonder how safe is gambling with bitcoin. In the past, many online casinos would ask for personal information like copies of IDs, proof of address, among other things that make sign up very risky for a player. This is because information can be tracked and identity theft is made more possible when playing at traditional casinos. All of these problems were solved when was launched to provide a whole new way of gambling online. It has now become the safest bitcoin casino available to players worldwide.


There is no possibility of hackers breaching the casino’s security when you use bitcoins. You will be safe from having your money stolen and your identity will be protected since your money will go through a bitcoin exchange. Using the latest technology in encryption processing, your bitcoin transactions will be conducted the same as transactions made by government financial agencies.  

Playing with bitcoins also ensures that your identity will always be kept safe. Identity theft is a very serious problem that you can help avoid by using bitcoins that allow you to exchange funds without directly revealing your identity. Also, you do not have to worry about websites stealing your credit card information since all of your transactions will be handled using bitcoins.


There is an added safety benefit that comes with bitcoin and it comes in the form of fast payments. The is probably one of the biggest perks of because players are able to withdraw and deposit using their own bitcoin wallets instead of holding funds in the player’s account on the casino’s website. There is also no need to wait several hours or days to get payouts and there is no risk of the transfer getting denied or confiscated.

Once the transaction is sent, it is complete and final. As a convenient tool for online casino transactions, bitcoin makes everything faster and more secure. has a policy of processing all of your transactions instantly to include both deposits and withdrawals. This is their only deposit method because they devote their time and effort to catering only to the needs of bitcoin players.


Another feature that you cannot find anywhere else is that bitcoin can be transferred safely from anywhere. As long as there is an active Internet connection, you can use bitcoin wallets and services for all major platforms of mobile devices, computers, tablets, and more to transfer bitcoin at any time.


This casino uses a very thorough and aggressive security system that protects the privacy of all players. This is the cornerstone of the casino’s business model. All bitcoins are isolated in a separate, offline system where no Internet connection is present, thus no form of data theft can occur. The wallets that are kept offline are encrypted using the highest standards used by financial institutions, banks, and governments.


One thing that players want to be certain of is that they have a fair chance when playing online casino games. More importantly, no one likes to get ripped off for their money. “Probably Fair” is a system that was established by online casinos to address the need for online casinos to verify that every game result is fair and truly random. It also proves that the casino is not altering the results to make the odds in favor of the house. Casinos that are Probably Fair will offer a script that verifies rolls and players can also use it to do their own evaluations to ensure that games are played fairly.

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The cost of making a bitcoin transaction is very cheap, and in the case of, the transaction is free. When it comes to security, this website offers two huge benefits:

1. Players can use different wallets with the deposits and withdrawals they make. By doing so, they can increase security when making a funds transfer.
2. Regardless of the transaction size, players can keep transferring money to without having to pay enormous fees.

The ability to transfer money cheaply using bitcoin allows players to take their chances with lower stakes in online casinos. The risk of playing is also lowered when players choose to play at Traditional casinos may require a deposit minimum of $25 and withdrawal minimums of $50 whereas has both free withdrawals and deposits. This means that players do not have to risk putting up a lot of money just to enjoy their favorite casino games.


The people behind the scenes at are made up of gamers and gamblers. They make it a priority to show that they care very deeply about their visitors and they are excited to help you play in the safest way possible. Unlike other casinos that simply want to take your money, the team at also want to you have a healthy life balance by providing safeguards if you feel that you are gambling too much. is one of the most genuine casinos in terms of honesty and protecting your safety because if you feel that you cannot handle playing with bitcoins on their site, you can send the casino an email to personally block yourself from the casino. For those who have a spouse or a relative with a problem and may be gambling too much on the website, the casino may be able to make an effort to help in those situations as well. These types of safety efforts for players are unheard of at other casinos.


Many players have already joined because of the many safety features that are included for players. This casino has also grown in popularity in the bitcoin gamer community and it is now known as one of the safest bitcoin casinos online. What really make stand out is that it is the only bitcoin casino that gives you absolute anonymity, secure encrypted transfers, provably fair system, no fees for transfers, and a genuine concern for your overall safety while playing at their casino.

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